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Abandon Ship!

Oh dear… Things don’t look so good for Peter Berg and his battle ships today as several reviews of his uneagerly awaited board-game-turned-Hollywood-flopbuster Battleship hit the web. Oh look! There I go ripping away and I haven’t even seen the movie! In the lead up to Battleship’s release, it’s fair to say that no one, … Continue reading

21 Jump Street – Review

On paper, this movie doesn’t look like it should work on any level. It’s bizarre blend of buddy-cop comedy and high school misfortune comprises the majority of this story. Revived from an 80’s TV show that never quite made its way across the pond and gave a mainstream US audience Johnny Depp, this could easily … Continue reading

Cleanskin – Review

Cleanskin, in the UK, refers to an individual threat to national security that does not fit the expected profile of the actions they undertake. The film predominantly follows Ewan (Sean Bean), a British secret service agent and former soldier tasked with eliminating a terrorist cell, and Ash (Abhin Galeya), a suicide bomber and terrorist planning … Continue reading

The Woman In Black – Review

                          You could be forgiven for not knowing the story of the Woman In Black. The book is different to the play, the play is different to the book and the movie, and the movie is different to the book…. and the play. … Continue reading

Movie Review: Drive

The already critically acclaimed Drive (directed by Nicolas Winding Refn) centres around a movie stunt driver/part time heist wheel man played by Ryan Gosling. As an audience, we are never privy to the name of Gosling’s character, he is referred to only as ‘The Driver’. After becoming close with his neighbour Irene, played by Carey … Continue reading

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