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Spidey’s Web of Wonderful Women

The Amazing Spiderman

As recently appointed web-slinger Andrew Garfield tells us in his witty Comic-Con panel introduction, Spiderman lives out every skinny kids dream of being stronger, more courageous and getting ‘the girl’. And let’s face it, our friendly neighborhood wall-crawler has certainly had some picks!


Gwen Stacy
The gorgeous Gwen Stacy was Peter Parker’s first true love. After brief romantic interests, Liz Allan in high school and Betty Brant from the Daily Bugle, Peter and Gwen hit it off at Empire State University. Every geeks dream of the stunning science classmate, bored of jocks like Flash Thompson and attracted to Parker more for his brains than sporting prowess, is realized from The Amazing Spiderman issue 31.




Mary Jane Watson
The stunning red-headed girl-next-door has been the most prominent romance of Spidey’s tangled web. Initially uninterested, Peter and MJ eventually become close following the murder of Gwen Stacy by the Green Goblin in The Amazing Spiderman issue 121. It takes some time, but old web-head finally realises where his affections lie ….and who could resist falling in love with Kirsten Dunst?!



Felicia Hardy AKA The Black Cat
The odd-cat-out in more ways than one. The magnificent Black Cat is the masked heroine of Spidey’s world, she feels affection towards our web spinning hero and continuously attempts to win him over from The Amazing Spiderman issue 194. The daughter of the famed Cat Burglar, Felicia Hardy initially uses her self-taught abilities to steal, until falling for Spiderman head over paws, and suffering the desire to help. Will we ever see her on the big screen? We can only hope!



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