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The Man behind the Girl (with the Dragon Tattoo)

Larsson, Political Thriller

Ok, so there are no rumours of a movie about Millennium Trilogy author Stieg Larsson (that we know of). But here are a few character plot lines that we think would make the cut if this intriguing story was picked up.

Larsson spent much of his professional life receiving death threats in the form of anonymous letters and phone calls. After writing a piece on right-wing extremism, a radical newspaper published an article detailing Larsson’s phone number, address and picture, suggesting that he should be…. ‘dealt with’.

A lesser-known Stieg legacy, is a guide entitled ‘Surviving the Deadline: A Handbook for Journalists under Threat’, which details various sticky situations and ways to get… well, unstuck, including how to check your car for a bomb. Perhaps a ‘Phone Hacking for Dummies’ section would also have been useful.

In Bourne-esque fashion, Larsson would sit with his back to a wall when in public, ensuring that he and his other half, Eva Gabrielsson, could see multiple entrances and exits.

Upon leaving his office one evening, Larsson was confronted by a group of neo-Nazi’s wielding baseball bats, he spotted them in time and was able to slip back in through the rear of the building.

Having survived all this, it was seven flights of stairs that killed our literary hero…



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